Clothes ON, thankyouverymuch.

Kathie Lee Gifford, is my ANGEL of the Morning, sure she’s so soaked in Chardonnay she’s flammable, but she’s MY FLAMMABLE ANGEL!

I’ve chronicled on a few occasions that there are some real sickos Kathie Lee Gifford fans out there, because you see…’s all-time most popular key search term is: “kathie lee gifford hot”

At first I fought it, but I soon grew to embrace that OUR little website was the internet’s #1 source for Kathie Lee Gifford Hot news. Whatever, a click’s a click, I foolishly fooled myself into thinking.

And now, it’s gone too far.

I will no longer sit by and let you perverts sickos and foot lickers, tried and true lustful fan base, besmirch my GODDESS and her pristine reputation. Guess what a NEW trending key term search is for


What. The. Flunk. People? Are you serious? Surely those SEVERAL of you that went a-lookin’ and found us were only KIDDING when you googled “kathie lee gifford nude.” Yes, that’s it, you were joking.

Well let me tell you somethin’ busters, I don’t take too kindly to people defiling the most glamorous and wholesome lotus blossom to ever spring up out of Carnival Cruise Lines. NO MORE. You’ve gone to far. Your attempt at humor has only repulsed me.

Might I suggest another Alabaster Tulip for you to heavy pant about at 3:00am in the morning?

Meet Angela Lansbury.


Angela’s here to make you forget alllll about your improper thoughts toward the Divine Ms. Gifford. Bet you forgot that in 1988 , Angela released an all-around geriatric female wellness video called, Positive Moves.

I’ll bet you also forgot that it’s one of the HOTTEST all-around geriatric female wellness videos of all-time! AY CARUMBA this lady is on FIAH!!!

So watch, enjoy, purge the impurities about Kathie Lee. Hey jokesters who searched “kathie lee gifford nude,” Take your Medicine like a Moustached MAN. Watch it all…

I just have to say:

For Starters: Is it just me or is Angela Lansbury Wearing a Peach PARISIAN NIGHT SUIT while she works out!?

1. The Rub Down to start the workout was just the beginning Oh, my cold cream!

2. @ the three-minute mark she made me wish I was the one murdered. MURDERED BY PELVIC LIFTS!

3. @ the 6:32 Mark she starts to take it to a whole new level. I was speechless!

I’m happy for you Lansbury, but I prefer you as Jessica Fletcher, not America’s most sensual nana. Hopefully you jokers have learned your lesson and will stop trolling the internet for my innocent rose, Kathie Lee.

Untill then, You’re Welcome.

POSITIVE MOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Crib Keeper


Sexy, She Wrote. AKA EXTREMELY ODD — 6 Comments

  1. For the record, Angela Lansbury: Would. Today, 15 years ago and 50 years ago. You sex up Jessica Fletcher and you walk into any room in the United States with the best story, no question.

    Question: Is that a camel toe from Ms. Potts?

    The Muffin needs to concentrate its resources on “Murder, She Wrote.” Twelve seasons?!? And “The Wire” gets five? CRIPES!!!!

  2. Stranger: “So, yeah, my band is going into the studio next week and we hope to have our record down by the fall. We might open for Fall Out Boy.”

    Me: “That’s nice. I seduced Angela effin’ Lansbury. And right before we finished, I punched her in the back of the head.”


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