Extreme Hero

I will always love you, Billy.

Two years ago, the world lost Billy Mays.

As an infomercial junky and huckster enthusiast, Billy was a personal hero to me. Rather than wallow in the sads, let’s remember his magic. Billy was the GREATEST PITCHMAN EVER. Sully isn’t fit to lick his boots.

The Rooster was the one who originally broke the news to me, that horrible day two years ago. And today, she’s coming over and we are going to celebrate Billy’s memory…I’m cleaning Angry Baby vomit spots with OXY CLEAN! I think Rooster is going to hang a bunch of framed photos of Billy (with Hercules hooks!!!) 

You’re truly an Angel Now Billy.

I'll never forget your pitchin' magic.

Kickazz art courtesy of Chris Seddon, check him up! http://www.chrisseddon.com/

Billy Meme courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

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