Before we start this TUES-the-Extreme day…

Love you, Mr. Leo Paxton Jr.

I just want to take this time to say goodbye to a wonderful man who passed away yesterday after a long illness.

Leo Paxton  was a musician, artist, grandpa, father and friend. I was lucky enough to work with him when I was in college.

Here’s his personal website, with pictures and all sorts of Mr. Leo.

Those of you reading this who knew Mr. Leo, under the “About Leo” tab there is a sweet video tribute to an incredible person who was truly a renaissance man.

When I was leaving Name Withheld University, Mr. Leo and I had lunch one last time before I moved away, at lunch, he told I was like a little sister to him. I’ll treasure that memory, and more importantly, I celebrate the impact you had on so many people. God Bless you and your family. I know you’re jammin’ out with Miles and Marvin and the Angels as I type this. My only hope is that Heaven is as beautiful as your artwork.

I wish there were a bigger sized pic, but here is my all-time favorite painting he did. It hung in the entryway of his place and I admired it always. I didn’t dare tell him how MUCH I loved the piece, because knowing Mr. Leo, he probably would have given it to me right off his wall!

Here's my all-time favorite piece of his: "A Lovely Day"

In honor of Mr. Leo, I’m going to end this post with Proud Mary, for that time in Arkansas he agreed to do Karaoke with me. GREATEST CO-WORKER EVER!



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