We ate, we crowded, we conquered.

Mayor McCheese, gone but not forgotten.

For those of you behind on your grouchy muffin shenanigans, this past Friday a group of loyal readers/ burger enthusiasts joined your beautiful host and her angry baby for a Late Lunch Burger Flash Mob, at the tiniest Smashburger in the Houston-Area.

14 of us, including ANGRY BABY and PRECIOUS twin two-year olds, a little boy and girl, invaded Smashburger, just after the lunch rush. As promised, here are all the juicy meat bits from the MEAT UP!

Everyone arrived at the just about same time, I got there just as one of my MOM IDOLS and her two perfect little ladies, I need to take a moment to tell you about this AMAZING woman…actually, you know what I’m going to do a separate post about how awesome she is…anybabies, her sweet babies each took a side of Angry Baby’s stroller and pushed for me!

Next up, a reader favorite, SotB and her dashing husband…who we’ll call B.

B is a SERIOUS burger dude. And he’s an extremely polished guy. It’s quite interesting to watch such a cultured and intelligent man grub down on a hamburger. He makes it look distinguished, where as I just make a mess.

FYI: SotB and B are Smashburger fans, they knew EXACTLY what they were in for!!!

Quickly arriving afterwards was grouchymuffin.com’s resident most-eligible bachelor and #1 fan, D-Dub.

Y’all D-Dub drove over 50 miles ONE WAY to get to try a Smashburger! He wins the award for BEING THE MOST HARDCORE! D-Dub, I sincerely hope it was worth your drive. I promise, anytime you are hankering for a Smashburger, your pal and Angry Baby will be glad to Meat you there!

What can I say? I’m a GIVER!!!!!

Last, but CERTAINLY Not Least, we had our family of 5 from an hour away join the group. Mom, Dad, Big Sis and TWIN TWO YEAR OLDS!!!!

Yes, I failed to mention the heavens opened and a beam of light poured into the Smashburger, because these two Parents ARE SAINTS. Having a baybeh is tough enuff, having 2 at the same time is a feat of strength and endurance, my feeble meat-grease clogged brain can’t comprehend!

As always, Lover fo’ Life was right by my side, cheering on my insanity with a school boy zeal. He was so kind to take a few photos of our flash-fried frenzy (needless alliteration and it stays!)

Those of you hoping it went horribly wrong? Sorry Haters, IT RULED!!!!!!

We descended on the near dead still shell-shocked from the lunch rush, TINY Smashburger (they are usually bigger but we were in the heart of Houston, AKA limited real estate!)

The group ordered, paid, sat down and waited for glory. While we waited, I met my “TWIN AWESOME” parent’s eldest child, a young lady who just turned 10.

This was the most delightful and intelligent 10-year-old I’ve ever met. She helped her parents wrangle the twins, (she’s an amazing big sister!) and also told us her tale of BURGER GLORY!!! This little beauty, is a burger lover since BIRTH, and she’s in Cheeburger Cheeburger’s Hall of Fame!!!!

The Smashburgers arrived. This was the moment of truth. Would D-Dub regret driving 100 miles WITH THESE GAS PRICES!? Would my mom idol and her little ladies drive 45 minutes home, bummed by a bum burger? And what about my family of friends? Was wrangling the twins and driving the better part of on hour worth it?? (Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, they came from a visit at the Children’s Museum, but it is MUCH BETTER for suspense if I play it up!)

I wasn’t worried people, I knew my Smashburger HAD THE GOODS!

I’ll let the empty baskets and pictures speak for themselves…

In short, we had a blast.  Everyone enjoyed a break for the usual and a had such a great time on this Burger Quest, MOM IDOL suggested: “We should do this every month.”


So, I am now PROUD TO ANNOUNCE we will be having another MEAT UP next month!!!!!!!!!! This one is going to be all the way out to the closest location of Cheeburger Cheeburger. Details to come soon.

And how was Angry Baby during this whole meat-up? 

SOLID GOLD DELICIOUS. Until the last five minutes.

I’ll bet you readers can’t guess who decided to show up at the very end? Why my very own LIL’ BUTTCHEEKS, that’s who!!! Angry Baby decided we’d had enough time cooling our heels and wanted to split. We waited, and her volume exponentially increased. She went from sweet to super sour (screaming ’til she was purple) in 2.5 minutes.

And isn’t that how it should have ended? Angry Baby reminding everyone why I started this clap-trap hobo parlor of a site in the first place.

A picture perfect ending to a Meat-Up even the movies couldn’t capture.

Tip o’ the Stetson to all of you who made it a SMASHING Success (pun and it stays!)

And for those of you just joining us: Here’s the Post that started it all: http://grouchymuffin.com/2011/06/13/rant-i-cant-do-this-anymore/

Tip o' the Stetson to ya, fellow "Meaters." Love, The Crib Keeper.



We ate, we crowded, we conquered. — 2 Comments

  1. My Ego thanks you for your kind words!!! The company — most of whom I hadn’t physically seen in almost 20 years — was well worth the drive…and a delicious burger and fries to boot?? Heaven Ok, next time, I might trade the sweet potato fries in for some fried pickles, but there were SO many options on the menu, it was fantastic!! I had a wonderful chat with the Little Ladies and Super Mom.

    Side note: can we find out how she managed to teach the Little Ladies to be so incredibly polite and well-mannered? And how do we bottle that?

    I’m looking forward to the next outing!!

    • D-Dub, she’s magic. The way she has raised such sweet, thoughtful, brilliant little artists, is incredible. BTW: I love “Super Mom!” That’s her new handle on grouchymuffin. Me too! I’ll work on our Veggie lovin’ friend!!!

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