This is my Hamlet moment.

Fancy 'Stache Govnah!

Just when you think this pantheon of manly moustachery couldn’t get any classier, I decide to go all Shakespeare on you. Just like in Hamlet, what some consider the greatest play ever written, SPOILER ALERT: I don’t agree, had a play within a play, I’m introducing a Microblog within my blog!

You see, one of my dearest friends Jojo, is on Vacation, and since her previous OH SNAP! SHOT submission starring her adorable little boy was such a hit, I asked her to Microblog her 2 weeks away. She kindly agreed. 

I introduce you to my FIRST Microblog within a blog…Alas! I hopest that thou love it so!

Here’s how it works, each day she sends me one or two pics with a caption. Simple and wonderful, just like I like my 17th Century plotlines. (Shout out to Bill Shakey!)

Jojo and Baby on the Gogo.

A microblog about a trip far away from the scorching Texas heat.

Part One, Gettin’ There.

Best Arsenal for a flight? Food. Lots of food. Oh, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the DVD player. “Oh, Toodles!!”

“Ok, Why was I worried about this flight?”


That’s it for today babies! You’ll hafta wait until tomorrow to get more of your JOJO ON THE GOGO! But first, now that you LOVE her, here’s a reason to HATE HER!  (not really, y’all she’s awesome.)

Yes. That’s right. Be jealous, Texas. Minnesota in June Rocks!


Until tomorrow Jojo, have fun on the Gogo!

Editor’s Note: I. Want. to. Kiss. That. Sweet. Sleeping. Little. Bunny. So. Cute.

want more NOW? Simply re-visit my past post featuring this sweetcheek.


Going on a vacation, trip, journey, crappy trip to the save-a-lot? Able to snap and send a pic or vid with a text caption? THEN YOU TOO CAN MICROBLOG for my HAMLET moments! You know what to do, just click on the contact and get the blog-rolling (crowd groans)


PS: THIS IS ALSO OUR 300th POST. HOORAY!!!!!! You know what that means!? PLENTY of restroom readin’ to catch up on! go ahead, have some laffs, the old stuff is just as fresh as the morning dump dew!


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