Wish me love and luck, I’m gonna need it.

Let's KILL it today!

What are YOU doing this weekend?


It doesn’t matter because we have a whole day of productivity before the whistle blows for quittin’ time! You’ve got babies to wrangle, people to cut off in traffic, reports to run, and Judge Judy Masterpiece Theatre, to watch.

Today, I’m taking Angry Baby to a Smashburger “Meat up.” She’s been hot and cold lately, no telling how this is gonna go. Yesterday I was gearing up to go with the Rooster out to Italian, when lil’ buttcheeks threw a fit about 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave. Rooster and I looked at each other as Angry Baby started CLAWING HER FACE, and said: “How ’bout we order in!?”

Only the Good Lord knows how this is going to go, my hope is for Angry Baby to shoot sunbeams out of her smile and rainbows from her fingertips.

But I’m a realist, I’ll settle for semi-rabid.

Who will I end up taking with me to Smashburger? Will it be Sweetcheeks or lil’ buttcheeks!? I’ll let you know the outcome. The bright side is, no matter how Angry Baby decides to today, I’ll have Lover fo’ Life to assist in the wrangling, he only goes into the office until 11:30 on Fridays…it rules.

So chug that tankard of yoo-hoo or start snorting Folgers with flavor crystals, strap yourselves in and enjoy the adventure. Hey, you’ve got things to do and places to be. People are depending on you to do that thing you’re supposed to do!

Side Note: I’d kick this a-hole in the Folgers if he perked up to me like that. Oh man, I hope she put a little pee in it…

Fellow Burger “Meat up” attendees: GOOD MORNING!!! MAKE SURE YOU WEAR YOUR ELASTIC PANTS!!!!!  You guys, I’m sooooo excited to see all of you! Angry Baby is blowing rasperries right now, so I’m taking that as a sign of excitement on her part. I can just taste that JUICY perfect burger. I can’t decide how I’m gonna get it…each Smashburger is a unique experience in deliciousity. I must CHOOSE MY OWN ADVENTURE! Good thing I’ve got loads of time to decide. Bad thing Angry Baby’s bubble blowing just turned to yelling.  

For all of you poor souls not able to “Meat Up” in person, or in spirit through another Smashburger location near you…I’m sorry. Hey, look on the bright side, the weekend is just around the corner, and you can make a long road trip to a location then, OK?

Not with THESE GAS PRICES, Crib Keeper and not in THIS HEAT!

For all my vegetarians, strict Catholics, and those exiled in an office during lunch, here’s something to look forward to:

Tonight aka Friiiidaaaaay Niiiite!!!

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