My Childhood Hero is Safe, for now.

Stylin' and Profilin' with that Lynda Carter Swagga

So for those of you too busy having a life, there was a David E. Kelly pilot that got canned this past pilot season, it was a reboot of the classic television series, Wonder Woman.

There are few things you must know about me, one of them is my love of Wonder Woman. I rocked the WW Underroos…just like so many of you.

Lynda Carter was and still is THE BOMB! She was smart, sassy and looked great in satin hot pants. I looked up to Wonder Woman back then and still do! She still looks amazing!!!! See the CLASSIC movie, Sky High

Lynda Carter was a brunette siren in a sea of Farrah Fawcetts, No one will ever be as good a Wonder Woman

Bow Down

Well, through the powers of the daily blam, footage of the failed 2011 pilot has become available. Wow, it really looks like it was a turd. Click the link at your own risk, it’s terrible.Watch it while you can, because Warner Brothers is snatching these clips off the interwebs fast!

Pretty Crappy, huh?

No Thanks.

Ayup, this definitely would have smeared (pun and it stays) the Wonder Woman legacy. Actually it would have taken a baby after broccoli and green beans dump all over the Wonder Woman brand…great job TV execs (for once)  deciding to pass on this dumper.

Here’s a palate cleaner…

Ms. Lynda Carter on TV back in APRIL 2011!!!!

Look at this woman, she is INCREDIBLE LOOKING STILL, someone throw her the old costume and start filming she’s as hot as outside my front door!

I remember LOVING this commercial…I recreated it many a time in the swimming pool with my cotton candy chapstick in place of actual lipstick.

To all of you sickos who just giggled while you watched that(getyourmindoutofthegutter)

This’ll put some extra pep in your step!

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