Angry Baby keeps it Lean and MEAN

Chew on this, Chumps.

Well isn’t this a real nice surprise! Your beloved Crib Keeper thought of all you poor, left out but still VERY CHERISHED readers!!! While a big group of readers and kiddos scarf down massive amounts of calories, why don’t YOU feel better about yourself and GORGE on some KNOWLEDGE.

Fancy Knowledge, why it comes from NPR.ORG! Just click the below link, skim a few lines and instantly sound smarter than 99% of your pals! Ooooh whos that Slim and trim person who’s into NPR??? Why it’s you sly ol’ dog…you really made the right call in not attending our “Meat-Up” I mean who here reading this wants a delicious, succulent hamburger, NOT PEOPLE WHO LISTEN AND READ ABOUT NPR…you’re too fancy for that crap. rare Prime Rib and calisthenics all the way for YOU.

I know you’re DYING to hear all about the train wreck that is possibly happening at a Houston-Area Smashburger right as you read this. Tuff you’ll just have to wait!

Until then, here’s an article about baby obesity! Gobble it up like a fat baby with birthday cake liquified, pureed and served in a bottle, of course!!!!

Real Talk: Angry Baby is a lean mean Karate Machine, SHE NEVER STOPS MOVING…good thing, she’s gonna have to start learning how to burn off Smashburgers sometime, best start in the womb. Spoiler Alert: SHE NEVER STOPPED MOVING THEN EITHER.


Here, I’ll let you borrow my current jam at this VERY MOMENT…RAWK IT OUT Y’all!


Author’s note: I set this to post at exactly 1:30, the time our flashmob late lunch Meat-up began!

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