Catching up with the lovers.

The SECOND EVER post on  was about a couple of digits sharing some quality time together, please take a moment to reacquaint yourself with them by reading my original post: for those of you too lazy to click on a link, keep reading.

Here’s the original write-up


I came across an ad today that said “100 fun things to do in Houston.” I’m all up for fun in any town so naturally I was interested, but it was the photo used in the ad that left me feeling uneasy. There are Awwwwl kinds of questions this pic stirs in me…

Are they a couple? Two Digits as one love. If so Are they having a baby? The short one looks fat, so it’s either the GLOW of impending kid-poppery OR The tall one is into “curvy fingers” (aintnothingwrongwiththat.) And if they are having a kid, where will the soon to be newborn finger go? Maybe Sir Pinky gets in a “little accident” to make room for baby? SICK! Perhaps they are a set of fancy lads squiring each other around town? They are hairless after all.

But upon further inspection, I discovered a little more “grime under the nail,” if you will. Check out the look on Tall’s face…that is a “lathered” sharpie marker stroke (pun and it stays) if I’ve ever seen one! And what about that smug face on chunky…excuse me, smug or SATISFIED? And the embrace, well it seals the deal. This is officially the hottest digit on digit action since snapping.

Now that we’ve spent some time getting to know our friends, just what do they have to do with “100 fun things to do in Houston?” Yeah, I have no clue. But I will say this: if shorty is involved, I’m in.


Sadly, I’m here to report, the couple is no more. They have called it quits.


Reader Chrispy sent in this more recent pic of the couple. Thanks for reminding us all that while true love may be out there, it may also be a horrible brain-meat craving Zombie that probably smells like blue cheese.

It turns out, he only wanted her for her brains.

Sigh, so much for love.

(Thanks Chris P!)

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