It’s time for another OH SNAP! Shot!!!!

‘Sup snugglebums! GOOD MORNING! Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL day so far and if not, I hope it gets better. Hey, at least you’re not sweeping coconut off the kitchen floor!

The following comes to us from reader, Jojo!

Jojo’s got a cutie on the GO! The following was taken while Jojo was trying to cook dinner.

She writes: 

It took him awhile to realize the coconut he was playing with was edible- then it was all over. That’s what you get for letting your kid play in the pantry while you make dinner!

We're Coconuts for this Cutie!

 Everyone repeat after me: OH SNAP!!!!!


What about you!? Do you have a picture that would make us say “OH SNAP!” send it on in to your ol’ pal the Crib Keeper!

(Thanks Jojo!)


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