Here comes the rain again!


Awwww yeah babies! This is already an awesome day here in Angry Babyland! It’s raining!!!

HAY CRIB KEEPER!   Hey what?

What’s so great about rain? last time we checked, rainy days SUCKED!

I’ll tell you what’s so great about it: the last time we had rain at Angry Baby Manor, IT WAS JANUARY. It’s been a crazy 5 month rainless stretch. It’s crazy because I live in a tropical climate.

Yesterday, 3 miles from our neighborhood, a wildfire broke out. We’re safe and the good people at several fire departments were able to put it out, but needless to say, last nite I was doing a rain dance.


5 months of no rain culminated in a wildfire right down the road, and the very next morning, we have TONS of rain. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it was an awesome rain dance!

In all seriousness, sometimes when things seem most desperate, relief is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

Here’s to the rain that is soaking the parched land of my home. Here’s to getting just what you need right when you need it most!!!

To the Darkest Hour Before Dawn!

Take it away, Annie Lennox:

And just because, here’s Lizzie McGuire aka H-Duff singing about rain in a house that looks like it should be in a Kendall-Jackson commercial.


Here comes the rain again! — 2 Comments

  1. LOVE your granny rain dance…I literally would PAY to see you do that dance in real life! lol John actually did an unexpected unwanted dirty dance similar to that while I was on the phone this past week…it was bizarre trying to explain his hip thrusts and attempts @ coy feminine sexiness…it sadly almost made me feel dirty. it was like the last dance in Flashdance – when she is in the chair & what not (cause half or more of his dance was performed while sitting in the computer chair) lol

  2. Pay to witness the dance, EH?

    Hmmmm let’s see…my usual asking price consists of 3 chuck-e-cheese tokens, a half used can of aqua-net, and some old garbage pail kids cards.

    Throw in a pack of Juicy Fruit and you’ve got yourself a DEAL!

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