Tues-The Extremely Awesome


Livin' the EXTREME good life.

Sorry Babies, I’ve been gallivanting around town with some unexpected visitors. Angry Baby and I have been livin’ it up and are regretfully away from our laptops right now…No worries, I will be back sooner than you know it, and I’ve got some EXTREMELY HILARIOUS goodies for you!

Why are you so awesome, my darling readers? EXTREMELY AWESOME!



Here’s a compilation of the Jackass dudes doing their thang. RIP RACECAR RYAN! It makes me smile to think that he’s at the very least getting to see some rad concerts in heaven right now…I hear Dimebag Darrell ROCKS it every nite at cloud stadium!


Just because the mood has struck me, here’s some EXTREME tunes, in honor of both our fallen homies here’s  Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell and crew doin’ it. TIME TO WAKE THOSE BABIES UP FROM NAP TIME/ PUMP UP THE EXTREME JAM!!!!!!



 (Thanks http://mimi-na.deviantart.com/ Folks, check out her RADICAL stuff!

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