This week, on a very special Tues-the Extreme Day


Forever in our hearts.

Your old pal the Crib Keeper is pretty bummed about Jackass star Ryan Dunn’s untimely passing yesterday.

Jackass 3D came out in the theatres at a tuff time in our new parenting days, lover fo’ life and I took our sad, tired act to the local picture show theatre and had a 90 minute vacation of laffs. I know it’s not high-brow humor, but it sure hit  the spot.

Since college (oooh I dated myself there!) I’ve LURVED Jackass, like many of you: I’ve seen the shows a zillion times in re-runs, saw all of the flicks in the theatre and own the DVDs.  

Did my bestie want to marry Johnny Knoxville back in the day? Absolutely. Did I secretly draw hearts and write “Mrs. Ryan Dunn,” on my Trapper Keeper?  No, but I did find him awesome and adorable. He seemed to be one of the more sensible dudes in the crew, but I guess that’s not saying much.

Rumors are still flying about his state of sobriety at the time, and the details of the incident. Perhaps he died just as he lived, making bad decisions.

I dedicate this Tues-the-Extreme Day to Ryan Dunn, he lived life to the EXTREME, and in the end, maybe too EXTREME.  

Here’s my all-time favorite SUITABLE for work stunt that Ryan did, I have many more but they aren’t clean enuff to keep your boss from throwing shade!


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