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Any outfit THIS Awesome bears repeating.

I’ve already made my feelings about pooping in the work place well known. See my post about it:

Past Blog o’ the week, posted a hilarious piece last week about…well, you know! I decided to share the love and repost! Enjoy!!!

 You know you do it, too!

Girls aren’t supposed to poop, right? Well, we do. Sometimes. For some reason, in the beginning stages of a relationship (more like the first year) I can’t do that when the dude is in the house. Clint spends whole weekends with me and I just am not able to do it. My body shuts down that function. I’m not in pain or feel the need to poop, even. It’s very strange. But, the day or two after he leaves. I’m in a world of hurt.This past Monday, my body started functioning again while I was at work. A large coffee helped out quite a bit. Thing is, my office is upstairs, and the restrooms are downstairs. There are two. One is for the general public, with several stalls, and we have been “encouraged” to use this one if we have to do number two (yes, that conversation has been had here). The reason is that the other available bathroom is a one room job, so it easily stays stinky after being desecrated. BUT, in my emergency state, I couldn’t make it the extra 40 yards to the public bathroom, I had to go to the small one, which is sadly, attached to the kitchen.There was someone in the kitchen.
I was in there a long time.
A very, painfully, horribly long time.
There were noises.
I thought I was going to pass out, if not die, actually. It was brutal.She was still there when I came out. Standing there, all making kool-aid, looking at me like I am the worst person in the world. She even gave me the sarcastic half-smirk head shake.
I thought,”Hey lady! Don’t act like you never poop! You know you do! And by the looks of you, it’s probably way worse than what I just did in there!” But I just smiled and walked away.
I’m not ashamed.I just saw the girl again when I went downstairs to get some hot tea. She is treating me none-too-kindly. Is she actually MAD at me for using the restroom? Yesterday? Really!?



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