Happy father’s day: TEXAS STYLE! aka GOD, BEEF, and GUNS

All that, and a puppy!

Crib Keeper and family actually pictured. Side note about the outfit I was wearing: it was purple and had glitter hearts (hard to see in pic) on the shirt. This outfit was MY JAM! I wore the hail outta this the summer of noneofyourbusiness!

Good Morning BABIES! Today is off to a smashing success!

I gave Angry Baby’s father, aka my Lover Fo’ Life, the GREATEST GIFT ANY NEW PARENT CAN GET! SLEEEEEEEEEP

L4L slept in until he WOKE UP ON HIS OWN!

He got up to a delicious breakfast of Dublin Dr. Pepper (look ’em up!), Peanut M&M’s and Hot Buttermilk Biscuits. AKA L4L’s vision of BREAKFAST IN HEAVEN EVERY MORNING!

Next up, Angry Grandpa and Mims are coming to watch Angry Baby while WE have a dream of a Dad’s Day. What’s on tap you ask?

1. Church (It’s THE Father’s day, too!)


3. Guns: Going to shoot our guns at his favorite Gun Range (It’s indoors, TOO HOT for outside ranges Y’all!!!)

GOD, BEEF, & GUNS…Happy father’s day: TEXAS STYLE!

Hooray for dad’s and single moms, hooray to me for breaking stereotypes about my state…whoops. Better luck NEXT YEAR!!

And To all my Dads and Single Mama’s out there:

I sincerely wish you the happiest father’s day ever!


The Crib Keeper


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