Teef Terror 2011: Chewing my fat.

Fast Mommies don't get chomped!

We’ve got two teefs rippin’ through the surface.

But more importantly, we have a SHARK WHO LOVES TO CHEW CHEW CHABOOGIE.

Today, like every other morning, I shimmied out of bed and started the prep for Angry Baby’s usual breakfast spectacular. As I was making her bottle I heard her laffin, so I scooped her up and finished preppin’ one-handed. CUZ I’M AWESOME LIKE THAT, YOU KNOW HOW WE PARENTS DO!

As I got the supplies together for her cereal and fruit courses, she decided I was taking too long, and ever so gently at first, started gnawing on my cheek. Silly me, I was under the impression that she was kissing me! Of course, my heart flutters settled and my sighs of love stopped when those “kisses” quickly turned to chomps. OUCH!!!!! This baby is eating my face off! 

As I squealed and feverishly hurried my prep, she started laughing, she thought I was delicious and found her revelation HILARIOUS.

Needless to say, Ol’ Chomps quickly got her much-needed num-nums and was able to retreat from her forage into cannibalism.

The message: If I make quick with the num-nums, my porcelain, perfect,  puss is safe.

Message received Angry Baby, and while the red marks of hunger you left on my cheek are now gone…the cold chills I have from hearing your delight in devoring my divine visage, linger on!


Teef Terror 2011: Chewing my fat. — 1 Comment

  1. The Teef Beast strikes again! She will never cease to amaze me with her ingenious ways she chooses to torture you. Thank goodness it’s almost time for our annual family celebration, “Shark Week! Okay, Baby’s First Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter were great but this is Baby’s First Shark Week! I will have to prepare something extravagant for her and put it in my Chum Bucket! Thanks for trying to besmirch your precious baby’s perfection as usual.

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