My Dad is Nicolas Cage’s #1 Fan.

Come to Daddy!

Nicolas Cage, meet my Father, Angry Grandpa.

Angry Grandpa is an everydad. He does neck thrusts to ZZ Top in the car, he neck thrusts when he walks past a Jamba Juice jammin’ Jimmy Buffet, and he neck thrusts when Bruce Springsteen plays over the Tom Hanks classic flick, Philadelphia. Dad, it’s about AIDS, stop doing your Dad dance even if it is, THE BOSS.

My point is simple: Dad likes what he likes and he doesn’t give a flip what your spoiled, snarky, ungrateful, self thinks. Forget what everyone else says DAD KNOWS what’s cool. Just ask him.

Actually, now that I think of it, his lack of self-consciousness and ability to stubbornly go against the grain of nagging children, who actually know what’s cool, makes Dad pretty freaking Cool by definition, right?

Hmmm…that’s really making me reconsider my thoughts on Nic Cage.

Much like the rest of you, I view Nicolas Cage as a nut. A nut who made some kick-azz flicks back in the day, but is…more relevant now for collecting wicker lawn furniture that once belonged to Pol Pot,  diamond-studded chihuahua skulls  or something equally heinous and bizarre. Sure, he still sputters out a few hundred straight-to-video flops each year, but I think of him mainly as a fascinating eccentric. To say Quentin Tarantino needs to stage an Intervention of Nicky’s career, is an understatement.

My father disagrees.

So cool, he's HOT!

Yes, Dad agrees he’s a nutball covered in nuts, but he can’t fault his acting career for it. The last time we were all hanging out as a family, keep in mind we’re grown and have scattered to the winds, so a group hang out is rare, my father loudly proclaimed: “Y’all have to go and see Nic Cage’s NEWEST MOVIE!” (I and America have since forgotten the title. ) “HE’S BACK! Nic Cage is BACK!”

It was a saints whisper before my brother chimed in with, “Dad, for you Nicolas Cage never went away.”

And for once in his life, my brother said something my father agreed with.

Here’s a fellow Nicolas Cage fan’s picks for his top 10 movies

Some of his finest acting, TRIPLETS!?

And for the Elvis fans out there…I’m sorry


My Dad is Nicolas Cage’s #1 Fan. — 9 Comments

  1. I read this entry and laughed until I cried! My ribs hurt. As the long-suffering spouse of he who cares not a flip what other people think, I had a rush of memories of ZZ Top, Jimmy Buffet, the Boss, Nicholas Cage, and every Star Trek movie ever made. However, there is one incident (several actually) emblazened in my brain no matter how hard I try. The guy who knows what he likes and never gives in to pressure came out dressed daily at Walt Disney World in Eighties running shorts and knee socks! Too bad it was the Nineties.

    • If it’s the last thing I do, I am going to change your mind about The Killers. That said, your list is missing one Dave Matthews and Darius Rucker, sure they were 90’s but new Dad rock has to give props to its roots.

  2. The worst thing was that most of the time, those knee socks were black and those shorts were not. And I’m pretty sure he was trying to get everyone to go see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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