Father’s Day Weekend is almost upon us!!

Dad's ROCK

Happy FRIDAY babies! We did it! We survived the heatstroke inducing solar flare that has been this week. All that stands between you and the glorious weekend is a mere handful of measly hours, measly hours that can be easily whittled down while you waste time at www.grouchymuffin.com!!!

So let’s PUMP UP THE JAM and get this partay started!!!! In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought it only fitting that the morning PEP TUNES be brought to us by the KING OF “DAD ROCK,” HUEY LEWIS!!!!!!

True Story, my dad LURVES Huey Lewis and the News, I remember many an unairconditioned car ride with him PUMPING out the LEWIS TUNES!

Unairconditioned car? What were you, born in 1925?

No jerks, my dad had air conditioning in his car, he just refused to admit it needed a freon re-charge. He insisted the dang thing worked. SPOILER ALERT: It DIDN’T, we were reduced to wet limp noodles after just 20 minutes in Dad’s “bullet-train to heck.”

“Dad!” We would lament, “your air cooler is busted and needs fixin’.” “SHUT UP YOU SPOILED LITTLE BRATS!” Was always the response, followed by a long story about how they didn’t even HAVE  CAR A/C until he was older than we were at the time of complaining.

Sure, growing up in Texas, it was almost child abuse to not get his A/C fixed, but as we established earlier in this post, THE A/C WAS FINE, NOTHING WAS NEEDED TO FIX IT! We were making it all up, lousy kids with their stupid demands (insert unintelligible dad mutters here.)  

And to those of you asking: Why didn’t your Mom intervene? 

Puh-leez, she refused to set butt in his “Dad Mobile,” nary a naugahide bucket seat scorched her short-clad legs any June afternoon ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN.

But I’m getting off topic here…

Dads love Huey Lewis and hate admitting when their wrong, even if it IS about Huey Lewis or car air-cooling systems. Who are we to ask for ice water refute Pop’s EXCELLENT TASTE!

So get to it babies, do some calisthenics and elaborate stretches: GET THAT HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL BEATIN’

We love you Dad, and SINGLE PARENTS OUT THERE THAT HAFTA BE BOTH: You show us every day the TRUE POWER OF LOVE!!!!

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