Best Round out the day with some LEONARD NIMOY!

Hotly Illogical

Leonard Nimoy is a personal favorite of many a dad out there. And he SHOULD be! Besides being devastatingly handsome and a real cool customer…he, sings, directs, writes and shills, HE DOES IT ALL!

My father is an old school Trekkie till the day he’s finally beamed up into that great starfleet in the sky. He’s always been down with the Nimoy. To my father, Star-Trek’s Mr. Spock is not just a television character, HE’S A PHILOSOPHER!

In my awesome opinion, Spock’s not even Leonard Nimoy’s most important contribution to our popular culture…I can hear the sci-fi geeks setting their phazers to hate! Calm down Roddenberry enthusiasts, Spock and his mock turtlenecks are gold in my book! But there was one television show, that was all science and fact, and Mr. Spock AKA Lenny Nims hosted it.

Leonard Nimoy was the host of the GREATEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF  TELEVISION, In Search Of.

This is the show that taught me to pursue cryptozoology, the science that will eventually lead the world to THE MEGALODON, who by the way, STILL EXISTS!!!!

Hooray!!!! We did it kids, we went in search of the weekend, and we found it! It’s mere moments away…what ARE you going to waste it doing!?


Here’s Lenny kickin’ out the jams! He’s singing about BILBO BAGGINS double score for all you dork Dads dipdoodlin’ on this dump (gratuitous alliteration and it stays!)

Here he is shilling the wave of the future, THE PAGER!

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