Teef Terror 2011: Cause for Alarm

Mommy, I'm tired!!!

Good Morning Boils and Ghouls! Happy FRIDAY EVE!

Thank the good people at children’s Advil for me, thanks to them, Angry Baby enjoyed a full night’s sleep and Lover fo’ Life and I felt like lottery winners when the alarm went off this morning!!!  Yep, I said ALARM(!)

No baby screamin’ spectacular last night, no live human wiggling wake-up call, it was just me, L4L, a comfy bed and an alarm clock, that sang like a nightingale. The beautiful song it chirped was one of the past, “Remember. when. you. knew. what. a snooze. button. was. and. you. hated. me. take. that. snitch!”

What once was a torture device of destruction and sorrow, our alarm, is now a sweet clarion call of normalcy. We slept the entire night through, and Queen La-TEEF-A did NOT re-start her reign of terror!!! Isn’t it funny, things you once hated, are suddenly welcomed with open arms, the moment you become a parent. Thank you alarm going off, for reminding me how awesome it is to be awakened by a machine, rather than a Teething Beast.

As I type this, Angry Baby is attempting to crawl, she’s tuff and determined. Looks like we’re getting close…I’ll keep you posted on the teefs AND the crawls!

But for now, just sit back, relax and waste some time with your ol’ Pal the Crib Keeper and enjoy the treats I have for you today!

Next up, you’ll be meeting our NEWEST GHOST HOST AKA GUEST WRITER!


She’s a hot as hail single mamma whose got the brains and momgyver chops to match. She’s cultivatin’ a beautiful AND brilliant 3 year old. MisSarcasm is doin’ it allll and looking good while doing it. She’s real, sassy and doesn’t have time for fools, well, except for US! So fasten your seatbelts and put your trays in the upright position, cause she’s a TRIP!

MisSarcasm's Hotter than Coffee and Comin' Attcha!

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