Nothing says “I love sports,” like roasting yourself.

Well, this guy is an idiot. Really nothing else can be said.*

*OK- I can say this, WTF Canada!? Don’t you know you’re only supposed to tear crap up and set 80’s looking BMW’s on fire when your team WINS, not loses. Way to get it screwed up again.

You know what Canada? I Canadan’t stay mad at you. Sure, you’ve got some real nitwits on display here, but it’s the most peaceful vengeful mob I’ve ever seen!!! Why, I was just saying the other day: wouldn’t it be nice if when the townsfolk formed angry mobs they’d stop using pitchforks and torches in favor of cellphone cameras, orderly lines and blank stares?

O Canada! You’ve given us many treasured things, Canadian tuxedos being the greatest, in my humble opinion!  Now we can add your civil disobedience to the long list of things you do milder, if not better.

This was my Camelot.

Shout out to the dude in the video who decides to WORK ON HIS FITNESS and drops to do  push ups during the RIOT!

Side Note: The Reporter called it a “Beemer” did everyone forget to let Canada know it’s 2011? YOU GUYS ARE SO ABSENT-MINDED Y’ALL!!!

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