“Dad’s Doin’ it Baby-Style” 2011 Father’s Day Jamboree

Honor your Father!

Father’s day is upon us, and what have YOU done for it? Let me guess, nothing just yet. WELL, we’re fixing that RIGHT NOW

But Crib Keeper, What the heck does the title of this post mean?

You see young grasshopper, fathers are skilled ninjas, just like the momgyver.

Dad’s are practiced in the Kung-Fu discipline, known as “Baby-Style” it  involves a ton of classified moves that don’t exist until Dad is dealing with a wiggling screaming miracle of a BABY! Moves are invented as said baby attempts various forms of wiggle-escapism. DAD’S DOIN’ IT BABY-STYLE!

All you ninja Pops rarely get the Props! So, We’ve decided to not just have a one day Father’s day themed blowout here, we’ve decided to HAVE a multi-day-spanning  2011 FATHER’S DAY JAMBOREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop right this moment and think of what YOU can do to honor Dad, even if he’s no longer here to lecture and love on you.

Crap Dad or Don’t know him? CELEBRATE YOURSELF! He helped make YOU, afterall, and YOU RULE!

Don’t worry, if your  creativity is stumbling,  I’m not holding you to anything yet…just start coming up with some ideas!

And to all my single mom’s out there, here’s MY Father’s day suggestion for YOU: Get someone to watch the kid, and pamper YOURSELF FOR ONCE! Even if that means spending 5 bux on a happy meal and redbox and giving yourself the night off!

Now something we can all enjoy: MORE DAD NUTSHOTS! Thanks Pops!

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