Robin Williams just got Cool again in my book.

Well Done Sir.

Well, it’s the afternoon of humpday, we are OFFICIALLY CLOSER to the weekend, the FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND, so it’s only fitting we start our “Dad’s Doin’ it Baby-Style 2011 Father’s day Jamboree” off RIGHT NOW!!!! 

Oh my gosh y’all I am crying big ol’ diamonds right now…this is the sweetest Video game commercial ever.

Robin Williams, who I honestly haven’t been into since 1991, is cool in my book again. He named his daughter after princess Zelda. From the Nintendo Zelda franchise!!!

Oh lurd. Look at how OLD he looks with that beard! OMG I’m now crying because I just aged 78 years looking at Mrs. Doubtfire look like he needs Patch Adams.

True Story, I went to school with a girl that looks JUST LIKE Princess Zelda, she was awesome, AND A HUGE ROBIN WILLIAMS FAN we even wrote a personal friendship theme-song together. Sadly, she and I are no longer friends, she thought I was a bad influence. Sigh, her dad WAS a priest though.


Robin Williams just got Cool again in my book. — 2 Comments

  1. Question: Is our generation ready for its pop culture icons to die? This is loosely defined, of course. For example, Mork from Ork hit the big time a little before our time. Still, we watched re-runs of “Mork and Mindy” and all his movies. We’ve witnessed his career, for the most part.

    I may be just me. I am overly obsessed with life/death right now.

    Speaking of, I took a date to “What Dreams May Come.” Nothing says heavy petting quite like venturing into hell for true love.

  2. Answer: YOU NEED TO EXPLORE THIS QUESTION AND YOUR Fascination with life/death in writing!!!!!!! (cough, cough GUEST POST!)

    So ya took a date to What Dreams Make Come…typo and it stays
    That makes sense for some reason. You’ve always had lingering eyes for Cuba Gooding Jr.

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