Extremely Elegant (and popular!)

Melting your Corneas with Extreme Hotness

Well, I’m not going to fight it any more, KATHIE LEE’S HOTNESS CAN NO LONGER BE DENIED ON THIS SITE!!!!!!

My all-time #1 Key term search is “grouchy muffin” makes sense, seeing as that’s the name written on all those truck stop bathroom stalls  ivory textbooks at Harvard.

But do you know what my SECOND ALL-TIME key term search is?

“kathie lee gifford hot”

Not just a few times, I’ve had TONS of “kathie lee gifford hot” inquiries that have in turn lead to visits to our little clap-trap hobo parlor.

So I’ve decided to EMBRACE THE LOVE, soak it up with a biscuit and serve it up hot and fresh to YOU. You want Kathie Lee Gifford hot, fines with me. KLG is my morning angel, and has been for years. If you wish to besmirch her timeless elegance with lustful thoughts, who am I to be creeped out to no end     be judgemental.

Come one, come all Kathie Lee Gifford fans, especially those that like to search for HOT pictures of her, why…YOU’RE ALREADY HERE! So keep a comin’ (getyourmindoutofthegutter.) I won’t Judge you…afterall:

Only Judy Can Judge.

That being said, HERE’S a photo tribute to her hotness, YOU SICKOS!!!


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