Extreme Break from the Heat…


Have a Cold one, or 700!

Just got back inside the casa from swimming with the ladies, Angry Baby had a MUCH more fun swimmin’ this go around, she actually laughed and smiled the whole time!!!!

Real Talk: It’s so hot, It felt like a bathtub in the pool, even at 10ft.

Next up: Baby sister has never had a Smashburger, the Rooster, Angry Baby and I are NOW off to remedy that!

So take a BREAK from the EXTREME HEAT!


Break DANCE that is! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the GREATEST BREAK DANCER OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!


AND now here’s a BREAK DANCE BREAKDOWN!!!!!!!

And my personal favorite! BREAK DANCE NUTSHOT!!!!!


(thanks K-Ball and Rooster!)



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