Another Smashing Success! (Well, except for the EXTREME JERKS)

Cheesy Rider

Baby Sis LURVED the Smashburger, and I FINALLY was able to right the wrong of my Sunday Smashburger snub. My burger was delicious, it’s like they knew I wrote wonderful things about them yesterday. Because my Smashburger was off the charts delicious. Oh, wait…THAT’S EVERYTIME I GO!!!

My one problem, was with the fellow patrons. The particular location we went to was filled with corporate types eating lunch. I’ve got nothing but love for them, as I know the value of a quick delicious lunch when you’re beating back paperwork day in and day out, but the love wasn’t returned.

Everyone threw shade the minute we walked in with Angry Baby. I walked to a booth as I heard a shriveled bitter man hiss, “I think she wants to put her baby there.” You think? I should have retorted: Nah, I was just going to stand here for 30 minutes with my baybeh, hope you like screaming and vomit, cuz we’ll be slinging both right attcha, a-hole.

I didn’t though, I just looked down and pretended like all the daggers and sighs we received didn’t exist. I refuse to be embarrassed for being a mom, especially when Angry Baby did nothing to warrant it…at first.

As we chowed down on burger perfection people kept cutting us side-eyes. I started to feel like I was in an 80’s rock video. You know, where all the stuffy people look down on the unwashed rockers because their wearing torn jeans? If you know what I’m talking about, you also know that inevitably in those videos, the snobs GET ROCKED by the rockers they so poorly misjudged.

While there was no screeching guitar solo,  we ROCKED those jerks at the joint. Angry Baby decided after a lunch of sweet-a-tude, she’d had enuff hate thrown her way, so she screamed for 5 minutes straight.

Rather than quickly usher her out, as I normally would, I let her rip. I figured it was my way of saying, “thanks for being so nasty to us, even though my kid was golden the whole time, until the very last 5 minutes, so now you can suck it. Choke on your tears jerks!”

Oh Smashburger, the trials and tribulations you put me through, we both know I’d endure worse.

This one goes to the Hissy old Dude:


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