Oh Yes it’s Ladies Night!!!!!!

Stay Golden.

The Crib Keeper, Mojo, and FabBabs* are getting together for a LADIES NIGHT IN!

The three of us were wild and crazy college co-eds together and have grown into MOMGYVERS together. One could imagine with the span of those formative years and life shaping events, what we did for fun together has changed signifigantly. Or shocked at how little it has changed.

This post style is inspired by our AMAZING MAD DAD’s last post: “Livin’ the Dream.” Because I am a firm believer that anything great must be ruined by sequels…

Livin’ the Dream 2, Electric Boogaloo

Written by the Crib Keeper

An exclusive report from a Ladies Night in with my two gals.

One night, mere hours (but more than enough!)

No kids, no changing diapers, no problem. It’s the greatest night ever, it’s LADIES NITE! Lover fo’ Life is watching Angry Baby, Mojo and I are heading over to FabBab’s empty with just her for the weekend house!

For the first time in YEARS the 3 of us are hanging out without dudes or kids or going out clothes (aka low-cut travesties made of polyesther.) Just us. Doin’ nothing for no one.

It’s the NIGHT life.

We’re going to Party like it’s 2002!!!

We’ve got to do tonite right (rhyme and it stays.) It’ll be years before the stars line up like this again. BETTER ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS.

The Rundown for Tonight AKA Plans

1. Pajama Pants.

Yes, I know once you’re out of college, you look like a vagabond wearing them in public. I told you, this is 2002. Besides, when you read #2 you’ll understand why elastic waistbands are completely necessary.

2. Nachos.

FabBab is magic. Seriously, she and Mojo are like the Southern Oracle  in the Never-ending Story, wise and awesome. FabBab could be just in the door from her awesome glamorous job, that I’m not filling you in about right now, have one of her twins on each hip and have found the time to whip up a Martha Stewart-worthy schmorgasborg of delights.

When FabBab says, “Oh I’m just throwing stuff together for nachos, she really means: Crib Keeper, I have a bevy of nacho makin’s and other delights that will tantalize your taste buds to the point you will need to be rolled out at the end of the evening. YAY PAJAMA PANTS!

3. Champagne. 

Wanna class up anything, anytime, anywhere? Wanna feel like the fanciest hobo on the rails? Just add cheap champagne! Real Talk: I’m pretty sure “Just Add Champagne” will be written on my tombstone. Not because I’m a boozehound, it’s just…A Lady likes nice things. So, it’s only fitting that we wash down a Delicious plate of nachos with the bubbly.

That’s it. Nothing Else. The Rest we will make up as we go along. No rules to enjoying a nite in with my gurls.

If our track record of: closing down bars, scandalizing the townsfolk, and  a certain hostesses proclivity for gratuitous awkward nudity when drinking (a tale for another time, my dears)…it should make for one heckuva LADIES NITE IN!!!!

I know what myself of 2002 would’ve said had by some time machine work of wonder she were made privy to Tonight’s Party agenda…

She’d say, “I see you 3 are still into Riunite, Junk Food and Acting a Fool. Nice to know you’ve stayed GOLDEN! 

My mainsqueeze of 2002 would get the cold chills at the very same moment, a subconscious nod to the future Angry Baby Twinkle in his eye.

Get out there and make it a great night Ladies, even if you can’t get away, you can always take a trip to www.grouchymuffin.com, ladies drink free, every nite here! Relax and take a load off!

Kool it Ladies!

Mmmm Mucho Nach Snacker!

You know what we’re drinking! The Official Wine of Grouchymuffin.com!!! Riunite!!!

Photo courtesy of: http://alainaliveshere.blogspot.com/

*Fab Babs = FABULOUS…she deserves her own introductory post, so you’ll have to wait to learn more about her.


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  1. We toasted to you, dear! I remember many a nights drinking riunite at YOUR place!!! Give that beautiful family a big smacker for me, and spoil yourself in some way today!

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