MisSarcasm, if you’re sassy!

Here's to the Weekend, and to MisSarcasm!

Happy almost weekend! My weekend’s shot because Lover fo’ Life has some business to conduct  and I will be filling my days up with a whole bunch of missin’ him.

Thanks Debbie Downer, we didn’t want to tune in to hear you jawwin’ away about feeling sorry for yourself. It’s FRIDAY!!!!!


I’m sure YOU have WONDERFUL plans for the weekend! I can see you now: sauntering down a beach, dripping in jewelry (and little else,) sipping your Riunite, laughing at the fool that is your beloved Crib Keeper and her humdrum weekend. Yay for you!

So for those of you hitting the roads at any point this weekend, I’ve decided to share a “Traveling Prayer,” one of my Momgyver Friends wrote…actually, she happens to be our NEW GHOST HOST (aka GUEST WRITER!) Her Name is MisSarcasm and she hit the road last night on a multi-state spanning road trip with her  beautiful kiddo. You’ll be able to learn more about this TRIP as she’s documenting it just for you and I…ain’t that a TRIP!?

My Travelling Prayer

Lord, please guide my foot bc I can’t afford a ticket for speeding. Please keep my eyes on the road bc I can’t afford to wreck this rent-a-car. Please keep my child sane bc I can’t afford to smack the crap out of her while I’m driving. Guide me on this strange road bc I can’t afford to get lost. Keep me & my child safe & sound.  Amen.

This  needs to be chiseled in marble on a statue somewhere.

May all of you have a safe, and FABULOUS weekend, I’m taking the crap-weekend hit this time so YOU can enjoy yourselves! It’s ok, no need to thank me…I’m a giver.

FYI: It worked, she and her cutie arrived safe n sound!

(Thanks MisSarcasm!)


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