I PROMISED YOU I would share the SHIZ

Don't tell your Mom I watch Kathie Lee on the Today show, Okay?

I promised last week that as I came across nutty search terms that lead to my site, here are just a few faves…

muffin hostage


joan collin

is purple an OK color for a boy

real megalodon sightings

garden gnomes look like babies

angry turd

megalodon lives?

kathie lee gifford hot

some days you’re the gum, other days you’re the shoe

I’m only going to address the last two, for very different reasons.

kathie lee gifford hot: this search term has 4 different hits for it. Let me translate for you readers who don’t understand what I’m getting at…

Four People on 4 different occasions went to google and searched “kathie lee gifford hot” they then were lead to my site through search results on that term.

I’d like to take a minute to address the past and potential “kathie lee gifford hot” searchers:

Hi! Welcome! I’m glad to meet another KATHIE LEE GIFFORD fan even if you are lusting after an ANGEL.

Seriously. She’s a mother, a singer, a wine enthusiast, former Carnival Cruise lines spokeswoman and she does it all looking HOT! Yay for us! Bye Y’all! (no need to read further.)

Okay the rest of the world: WTF. HOW does LOVING A BEAUTIFUL ROSE OF INSPIRATION make my site vulnerable to the CREEP-O’s who LUST after Kathie Lee?!? I’m getting the cold chills thinking about those weirdos oogling us, weirdos. I’m just sayin.

Next Up,

“some days you’re the gum. other days you’re the shoe”

This made me smile. I came up with this saying and seeing someone else search for a specific term, that I coined is something I never tire of. We’ve already established I’m a self-proclaimed narcissist!

So let’s all celebrate the crap that gets us through the day, with some crap, that will help YOU get through your way!!! Love you, KLG!!!!!!!

THIS GOES OUT TO ALL MY KATHIE LEE GIFFORD HOT SEARCHERS!!!!!!!!! (Side Note:Lurve the Lonely Island!!!)

For everyone!

True Story: When I was pulling the Love Never Fails clip, I played it and a laughing Angry Baby started crying. Oh dear, it seems I’m going to have to teach her the ways of KLG!


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