Get ready to feel OLD…

Hands off, Snitch.

Michael J. Fox, the first and ONLY Teen Wolf in my heart, is 50 years old. I just grew a wrinkle typing that. Luckily for you and I, the FOX still has his baby-faced good looks AND we have his vast catalogue of acting genius.

I was turned on to this article with a list of his top 20 film and TV roles.

Happy 50th birthday, Alex P. Keaton: Michael J. Fox’s top 20 film and TV roles | ’80s music, John Hughes movies, big hair: Stuck in the ’80s | & St. Petersburg Times.

It’s well-written and informative, but unfortunately, the author forgot his BEST and GREATEST ROLE: DENNIS BAXTER from the 1985 classic camp flick, POISON IVY!!!!!!!!

Maybe it’s because Poison Ivy went on to be the SAME title of the Drew Barrymore HOT MESS OF a movie…you know, the one where she and TOM SKERRIT make out in the rain on the hood of a car?? Don’t act like you haven’t ever seen it.

Maybe it’s because it had Jo from the Facts of Life as his straight love interest? America likes Nancy McKeon with extra diesel, no cute summer flings with Michael J. Fox, please.

True story: they dated while this movie was being shot. Sad but true story: I remember this because I was so jealous of Nancy McKeon getting to kiss Alex P. Keaton IN REAL LIFE, that every time I watched the Facts of Life, I stuck my tongue out at Jo.

Whatever the case, I urge each and every one of you to get your hands on a copy of POISON IVY (The MJFox one, not the sicko one) and watch it in honor of the Michael J. Foxiness that is Michael J. Fox.

A toast to 50 great years Alex P. Keaton! Ensure Milkshakes with Geritol Chasers for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Hot stuff!


Classic Pepsi Ad

Insane Japanese Commercial!




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Get ready to feel OLD… — 6 Comments

  1. Stop. Stop making me laugh so hard. You keep getting me in trouble at work. So stop it.

    (remember in the beginning of Doc Hollywood? the pool scene? you can totally see a um, junior fox)

    • HOT DOG! (getyourmindoutofthegutter!) I just found a reason to rewatch Doc Holiday, only I’m saying it like Kristen Wiig as the Target Lady Doc Herrrrliday!!!! Yes, I call Doc Hollywood, Doc Holiday.

  2. Thank you for this post.

    Michael J. Fox, I think, has been severely underrated his entire career. He’s in rarified air having been the lead in two successful sitcoms while sandwiching in a hugely successful movie career, including the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

    MJF completely carried “Family Ties.” It wasn’t even close. It would only have gotten better if he murdered Tina Yothers and “Andy.” Although, the series did give us Skippy Handelman and Nick Moore.

    “What would we do, baby, without us?”

    Thank you, Crib Keeper, thank you.

    • Sha-la-la-la!
      To the PETRI DISH that was Tina Yother’s Adolescence… it was the second anchor on that show!
      And Thank YOU Mad Dad…Livin the dream is my fave post of yours to date!!! AND I LOVE THEM ALL!

      • I thought the parents — particularly, Michael Gross — was the second anchor. Yothers was to “Family Ties” what Vanessa was to “The Cosby Show” — the awkward middle-ish kid (I know until Andy that she was the youngest for the longest … but she was around Vanessa’s age and they didn’t introduce their Rudy until later) that was always whiny and getting into trouble. Very uncomfortable.

        • You misunderstand what I mean. Tina Yothers, not her character, Jennifer. Tina Yothers looked like some soft of Mad Scientist’s project…like Lon Chaney, she had 1000 faces (through her morphing adolescence…) and all were equally as chilling as Lon’s.

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