SURPRISE!!!!!!!! AKA: Pretty Sneaky Sis!

BEST PARTY EVER! (Crib Keeper, Burger Baron, and Movie Dude not pictured.)

Did you notice how yesterday I subtlety introduced you to another nut in the cluster that is I did. And you know what? I’m about to introduce you to another!

Yesterday, I unleashed the BURGER BARON on you with his comedy gold photo. And today, He brought you the above photo. You need to stop and thank him for both. I’ll wait.

True story about Burger Baron, he’s a writer and holds evidence of THE GREATEST SPRING BREAK STORY EVER(!) on his chest. One day I’ll tell you that story.

Next up, it’s our very own Movie Critic: MOVIE DUDE!

Movie Dude’s a true lover of cinema who reviews only the finest celluloid and calls it like he sees it. I’ve been sitting on his post for a coupla days so I could UNLEASH HIS GREATNESS on you in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week, for that’s when we need culture and cinema verite to whisk and carry us away (rhyme and it stays.)

Please welcome Burger Baron and Movie Dude, our latest additions to this motley group of hobos!!!


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