Get yourself Acquainted with: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN

If you saw this poster you'd pop your corn, too!

Hobo with a Shotgun:  With a title like that it’s not hard to know what to expect from the film.  I personally thought it had to be some sort of joke…but no.  With the reemergence of the “grind house” film genre I suspect that there will be more movies like this released in the next few years.  If you’ll recall we’ve had some doozies lately…think Machete, Death Proof, etc.  In fact, like Machete, Hobo with a Shotgun was one of the fake movie trailers associated with the Grindhouse double feature by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez done in 2007.

The basic plot revolves around a hobo that’s tired of seeing the depravity of the city and decides to fight back.  That’s right, a vigilante hobo…with a shotgun. (in Technicolor!)

He rides into town (on the rails of course!) and enters Hopetown to find out it’s been turned into “ScumTown” with punks and drug dealers running amok and terrorizing the townsfolk.  He sees a lawnmower in the window of a pawn shop and has an epiphany that he’d like to buy that mower and turn his life around.  Yeah…I don’t know why that makes sense either…but he sets out to bum up enough money to buy that mower.  Flash forward and he’s there to buy the mower and the place gets robbed….so he grabs a (loaded) shotgun off the wall and blasts all the bad guys.  I guess he decides against the mower at this point because he buys the gun instead and starts going on a rampage of righteousness.  Of course the baddies fight back, by killing a bus load of kids with a flamethrower.  I know…pretty gruesome stuff.  Of course that’s what you get with a movie like this!  Gratuitous violence, blood, scantily clad ladies, more blood, and ever more inventive death scenes.  I’m leaving out a side plot where he teams up with a hooker (with a heart o’gold) but you’d probably guessed that by now.

So there you go.  If you’re looking for ways to impress that 16-year-old punk nephew of yours, or that weird relative that smells like old cheese, just show them up this obscure flick.  Guaranteed to restore your faith in the nobility of the human spirit.

For those that feel they have the intestinal fortitude…here is a trailer.  Probably wouldn’t want to pull this up at work.  Unless maybe you work at a crack house murder factory.

-Movie Dude

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