Baby’s First Swim AKA SPLISH GNASH!

Piece of cake.

There are many pleasures to be found during the scorching summers in the south, but few bring as much delight, refreshment, and FUN as a dip in the pool.

Your lovely Crib Keeper is a fish. Do you remember that movie Kevin Costner was in where he had GILLS? That’s me.

Side Note: My Aunt, Snark in the City, swims at least a mile everyday. Only right now she’s recovering from foot surgery, GWS Auntie, and a SPEEDY RECOVERY!

Because the water has been such an important part of my life, I look forward to sharing it with Angry Baby. Yesterday we took our inaugural dip in the pool. Thank my lucky stars, my bestie was able to come assist in the wrangling and documented the experiment. In the Interest of Science!

Pre-Lab: Materials Used

Swim Swag

Snitches, Please.

ORIGINAL FIT: Photo not found. We were both too busy baby wrangling to document.

We took the canopy off. She HATED that too (it scared her).

Um, No.

Rooster and I were feverishly trying each and every thing we could to calm her down, we  looked at each other and yelled: MUST TAKE MORE GEAR OFF!

WRONG! Try again.

Maybe the hat? SHE HATES THE HAT!!! I quickly removed the oversized cap from her oversized gourd! We awaited our results. USELESS!

My mother is an idiot!

This is the part of the swimming experience, where Angry Baby goes Nuclear and decides to throw a grand royal hiss.

I quit this snitch.

It’s at this act in our little comedy of errors that my MOM POWER kicks in. This kid hates the seat. Get her OUT! I got her out of the torture rack seat and just held her. She immediately calmed down.

HAY Crib Keeper! Hey, What? I would’ve told y’all that before you even set foot in the pool! Thanks, where were you yesterday?

I put her hat back on, and held her for the rest of the swim… she had a blast, by Angry Baby standards, at least.



Baby’s First Swim AKA SPLISH GNASH! — 5 Comments

  1. We had ourselves a little pool par-tay and B. B. Que at the neighborhood pool tonight. I (strongly) encouraged PT to blow up our starfish float for baby A — to which he protested, complied, and almost fainted. Then we did not even let her test it out…oops.

    Our other tiny fish LOVES the water. Maybe next year (or the year after) AB will enjoy swimming in a puddle jumper. They make water wings seem like the reject flotation device and make momma feel a little safer at the poolio.

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