It’s time for some FINE ART!

From time to time, I share beautiful works of art with you. Because I’m such a connoisseur of CULTURE, art and sophistication, I like to think of it as my way of helping make this world a better place. Today I have a painting that is surely hanging in the Angel’s weightroom or at the very least, the Guggenheim.



How do you say, “I love you,” on a canvas? You’re looking at it. Oh my goodness, isn’t this the living end!? I mean, it pays tribute to one of the greatest american Novels ever written, To Kill a Mocking Bird, AND has biggie with a big ol’ heart-shaped belly button! THANK YOU ARTIST, David Macdowell. Thank you. (tears of diamonds start to roll on to the key board.)

Let the amber waves of lager pour over the nipple your eyes, DRINK IN THE SPLENDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Uniblogger (via Buzzfeed)


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