The things I’m going to do to you…

D-Dub not pictured.

Baby's Breath Bouquet? Check.

It’s a new day, a new WEEK and I for one am still battling this cold o’ destruction my littlest giver so generously gave to me.

We’ve got some HOT STUFF comin’ attcha this week! Up today, our SECOND GHOST HOST is here to do a GUEST POST! Of course, we’ll also have the nuttery that you’ve come to love and anticipate from our fine emporium of fart jokes. So chug that 2nd cupa coffee down, tell that baby to quit screaming and get that thing you need to do for that person DONE!

And a SPECIAL birthday greeting goes out to one of our most avid readers DW, or D-dub to YOU!

It’s your BIRTHDAY D-Dub! Party it up, but don’t go overboard, you ol’ SLY FOX YOU!

Ladies, D-Dub is as sweet as the tea on your Nana’s front porch! Why just tawking about this southern gentleman is making my accent thick as chocolate pudding! BONUS He’s sangle and ready to mangle…er, um single and ready to mingle! (D-Dub not pictured in photo above.)

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