Not quite, Kathy Hilton. Not quite.

Hats off to Kathy Hilton!

I’ve decided today is just too fabulous to be a Monday! Angry Baby is feeling better, still teething, but much happier, my DAYQUIL has kicked in, I had some leftover DONUTS for breakfast, and KATHY HILTON was on the TODAY SHOW!!!!!

For those of you unaware of WHO Kathy Hilton is, allow me to fill you in. She’s a failed 70’s starlet and 1/3 of the RICHARDS SISTERS! Yeah, I know you don’t know who they are, or DO YOU? Her sisters Kyle and Kim are currently on the REAL HOUSEWIVES of Beverly Hills! Kim Richards was a Disney teen sensation and starred in multiple classic 70’s kid flicks while Kyle Richards, was on Little House on the Prairie, and more importantly, IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SNITCH in the history of the entire Real Housewives franchise.

What did Kathy Richards do? SHE MARRIED A HILTON! Yep, she’s Paris Hilton’s mother and today they were interviewing her about Paris’ latest el-flop-o of a reality show…I can’t even remember the name of the show, oh well it’s  not important.

The reason I decided to talk about this BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS, WEALTHY, VISION this morning, is while being interviewed about her MOTHERING SKILLS OF GOLD and her stint on Paris’ new show, Kathy made clear that this was the first time she left her gilded tower of perfection and graced our Reality Television screens with her aura of fabulosity.

Click below to watch the Greatest Mother Since Mary tell her tale to the JOURNALISTS of Today!

Only it isn’t. Kathy you see, was a host of her OWN reality flop show, 2005’s NBC turd gem, “I Want to be a Hilton!”

I’m not sure why she would cover up such a wonderful piece of art. I mean, America was the FOOL worthy of shame for ignoring this masterpiece!

Kathy should have taken a bucket of shade and thrown it ALLLL over Al and Natalie. She should have said: “I WAS on Reality Television before, and you uncultured swine  threw my pearls of wisdom out with your McDonald’s wrappers.” She should have snitch-slapped Natalie Morales for stammering and ended the interview with a chug of Dom (out of the bottle) topped with an inappropriate “That’s Hot!” thrown towards Al Roker’s sexy pile of yuk yuks.

This  is the woman who gave us the  plucky little saint, Paris Hilton! We need to study everything she has EVER said, because she truly knows how to be better than YOU.

Classy Lady.

Here’s an Episode of the GREATEST (not really) REALITY SHOW EVAH, NBC’s I wanna be a Hilton! WHY would such an honest and UPSTANDING mother like Kathy lie-tell about her dabblin’s in reality TV??

They won’t allow embedding on this one, so here’s the link…

Special PRIZE goes to the none of you that can watch beyond the first 2 minutes of this vid.

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