GHOST HOST GUEST POST: Monkey around with these BALLS! (not what it sounds like)



 I’m no Paula Deen (shiver), but I do love to make sugary treats!  So let’s make some Monkey Balls, y’all!

Here is what you need:

I box of cake mix (I used Duncan Hines Spice cake)

I container of cakefrosting (I used Betty Crocker Cream Cheese)

16 oz of NestleSemi-Sweet chocolate chips

2 heaping spoons ofCrisco

1 large, yellowbanana

Here’s what you do:

Bake the cake according to the directions on the box. 

Once the cake is baked, cut it into squares and toss into a bowl.  While you wait for that bowl of goodness tocool, I suggest partaking of a frosty beverage. I drank beer during my process.



Cube it to Cool it.

At this point, you’ve only mildly singed the tips of your fingers to “sample” the cake and realized that frosty beverage doubles as first aid!   Now it’s time to scrub up your hands and cake dive. You can use a fork if you’re worried about germs, but the whole point is to have fun.  So get those hands into that bowl and start crumbling!

Once the cake is crumbled, it’s time to add the frosting.  Most cake ball recipes call for an entire container.  I don’t like super sweetstuff, so I use about 2/3 of the whole thing.  What I recommend is adding about half first, getting it all nice and mixed, and then add more as needed. What you want is a mixture that will stick together well without being too dry or too sticky.

Add Frosting

Ready to BALL! (getyourmindoutofthegutter)

Sometime during this process, slice the banana in half long ways and then chop it up.

Cut the 'nana!

 Once you have your cake and frosting mixture and your chunked up banana, it’s time to roll balls.  Remember, this will get dipped into the chocolate, so you don’t want the balls too big (tee hee.)

Grab a piece of banana and place it in the center of a blob of cake.  Be gentle!  Roll it into a ball and place it on a waxpaper covered metal cookie sheet. 

Banana Balls...Stop snickering! What are you,12?

Once you’ve filled your cookie sheet, place it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.  Your balls need to be firm and frozen before you dip them into the hot, melty chocolate.  And, while you’re waiting for your balls to freeze, it’s probably time to get a beverage refill.

Freezing my balls off.

 Before removing your balls from the freezer, prepare the chocolate dip. Dump the chocolate chips into a bowl with the Crisco and microwave for 30 seconds.  Take it out, stir, microwave for an additional 60 seconds. 

Crisco makes it all better!

I melt with you.

Toss the balls in, one at a time and use a fork to scoop them out so that the excess chocolate drips off easily. Replace each ball onto the cold cookie sheet and voila!  You have a delectable delight that everyone is sure to enjoy.

I'm gonna dip my balls in it!


Now that you’ve made Monkey Balls, next time play around with different cake & frosting combinations.  If you want to get fancy with sprinkles or decorative icing, go right ahead!  Also, you can grab a bag of lollipop sticks at your local craft store (I prefer Michael’s) and make a Cake Pop!  Those are fun, too.

Shout out to Bakerella,who first introduced me to cake balls during the Christmas of 2009!


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  1. Also, I failed to mention that these balls were dubbed “Monkey Balls” by a special lawyer lady in Beantown. Gracias, chica!

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