Let me Tantilize your tastebuds.

Servin' it Up, Hot n' Fresh! (tomorrow)

It’s the weekend, YES I choose to keep it light and short on my posts, hey I bombard you poor people with 6-9 posts of CRAP each day, gotta give your eyeballs a break sometime!*

But I had to post about a little preview of something AWESOME you fine fellas are getting exposed to tomorrow…You’ll be meeting a new GHOST HOST!!!!!!!!!!  (Guest Author!)

Yes, we’ve added our SECOND Ghost Host Writer, and this one’s a LADY! Seasoned grouchy muffin fans have all come to clamor and anticipate the hilarious musings of MAD DAD! Now Tomorrow, we bring you…(insert new Ghost Host Name.)

Her Name? Ah…that’s the Question, should I give you her name or should I just save it for tomorrow. Hmmmm….You know, I’ll keep her name a secret, but I WILL TELL YOU her post is a delicious culinary trip into decadence. That’s all you get today. It’s a TEASE! Lookin’s for free, touchin’s gonna cost ya.

Get out there and make it a GREAT DAY people! You owe it to yourself AND THE WOOOOORLD.


*Side Note: for all you subscribers, you can edit how often you get my post updates AND you can always switch to the RSS feed if it gets too annoyin’ for ya. YOU, my repeat offenders, are VIP’s! Sorry rest o’ the internets, my subscribers are my inner circle.


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