It’s Blog o’ the Week time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just kick back, relax, and read some GREAT blogs!

Oh my dear FRIDAY folks, This week’s BLOG O’ THE WEEK(!) is another GREAT one, why all of my BLOG O’ THE WEEKS are, that’s why I pick ’em!!

If you’re just joining us, last week I assigned Ms Lady Goo Goo Ga Ga’s laff-a-rama:

Look, I’m glad you came to class, but if you haven’t yet done the homework, I’m going to need you to take a quick break and skeedaddle on over…I’ll wait.

Back? Great! On with THIS WEEK’S BLOG O’ THE WEEK!!!!

It comes to us all the way from the heavy honeysuckle and clinking iced-tea glasses of Alabama!

She’s an artist, single Mom and hip lady whose blog I adore! I recommend it all, but I say you FIRST head over to her “Spaz Tips Tab” I guarantee she’ll have you won over by tip #3!

And yes, you might be able to anticipate a CROSSOVER TEAM UP SPECTACULAR with her TUESDAY TUNESDAY and our VERY OWN TUES-THE-EXTREME day!!!

But, that’s not today. TODAY is Friday, it’s BLOG O’ THE WEEK  DAY!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

(thanks Belle-Bama!)


It’s Blog o’ the Week time!!!!!!!!!!!!! — 4 Comments

    • Plenty more where that came from…let’s just say you inspired a future post I’m really excited about…It goes live Monday! I’m totally serious about collaborating, seriously. Tuesday Tunesday Tues the EXTREME!

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