This calls for Dancing Mushrooms with a side of 80’s Cheese.

Taken on the morning of her 2 week check-up. She later crapped all over this onesie right before the nurse came in.

Ugh. Angry Baby gave me her MYSTERY SURPRISE cold. I was up all-night hacking and snorting. No wonder she’s been so mean lately, this cold STINKS!

Today I’m going to need to go to my happy place. I’m venturing to the Pediatrician with my TEETHING TERROR all alone. I know what you’re thinking, and YES, I am rewarding myself afterwards with a Smashburger!

Until then, I need 2 things:

1. Cute relaxing stuff 2. Super cool party dudes singing the GREATEST SONG OFF OF THE COCKTAIL SOUNDTRACK!

1. Cute stuff: the Mushroom dance from Fantasia. No, it’s not racist, it’s about MUSHROOMS.

2. Super Cool Party Dudes: The BEACH BOYS SINGING KOKOMO!

Real Talk: Cocktail is my FAVORITE Tom Cruise movie! It was the Citizen Kane of Flair Bartending Romantic Dramas. PLUS, it has hands-down the BEST movie-soundtrack of the 1980’s that wasn’t Dirty Dancing!


Cocktails and Dreams my friends!

(Thanks, Mark!)

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