The Crazy Shiz People Look Up to get here.

Don't worry ladies, plenty of weirdness to go around!

Every day, your old pal the Crib Keeper, gets a bird’s-eye view of where all of my lovely visitors come from. One of my favorite things is looking at the google term search views, meaning people who went to google and typed search terms that drove them to my site. From the obvious: “grouchy muffin, and Angry Baby, to the not so obvious, to the DOWNRIGHT hilarious. I’ve decided to share some of my FAVORITE Google Search hits from the past coupla days…from now on I’ll pass on the good ones!

The following searches were conducted in just the last 48 hours, some were searched multiple times, ALL lead to  (my comments are in parenthesis)

Aliens with orange teeth, Arnold Schwarzenegger & old lady (HA!), man angry screaming moustache, Cee Lo and Reba(!), heroin demotivational posters (WTF!?), shark toof and UNDER LIP BEARD (ew!)

Every day, we get nuttier and nuttier search term hits…I think I might have you vote on your favorites. Google search your fave above listed term add grouchy muffin to hone in the results and find us. That’s the best vote you can cast!

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