Stuck in a hot room with you…

Listen folks, I’m bored….REALLY BORED. So I’ve decided to whip out ye olde smart phone and bang out a post while Angry Baby plays and I wait for Dr. Clarke. Hey, anything worth having is worth waiting for. EVEN if it is in the HOTTEST FREAKING Examination room on EARTH. I get it, they keep the rooms warm cuz the kiddos are naked for exams. I’d just like to see the doctor WITHOUT sporting a sweat moustache. Sigh.(takes index finger and does a sweat moustache “shave” aka swipes the sweat off.)

Angry Baby is growling right now. I hope the doctor gets to witness this FEROCIOUS little cutie in action. Her growl, while just vocal experimentation, sounds hilarious, terrifying, and adorable all at once. The last part of that sentence is a good sum up of Angry Baby in general!

As I sit and wait, and you sit and waste (time!) I guess I can pull back the curtains to this gypsy cart of doom and let you in on what I’m surfing because of boredom.

I’m a HUGE Harry Potter nerd, don’t get me started. I’ve even been sorted into a house SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!! I have a Slytherin banner that hangs proudly…I’ve stood in line for books, movies and plan on venturing to the theme park.

The last film, Part one of The Deathly Hallows, was released when we were in the throes of Angry Newborndom and I was very sick.  It was a no-brainer that we decided to skip it.

While I LOVE that it’s taken so long to relish the Potter story in cinema, I think it’s lousy that they streeeetch it out for months. Make two parts? Fine, just release them weeks (not months) apart. I’m getting off topic…

This summer is the final installment, and because we skipped in November, I  get to see both movies back to back!!!!! I’m SUPER JAZZED ABOUT IT and I can’t wait!

yesterday they released A BELLATRIX LE STRANGE POSTER! Ahhhhhh! Sorry, geeking out here a bit! Why?


1. I love this character.

2. I always root for my fellow Slytherin AKA THE BAD GUYS!!!

3. My hair looks like this right now. 

Fact: years ago I decided I wanted to name a baby girl (if I ever had one) Bellatrix.

Additional Fact: Lover fo’ Life was my boyfriend at the time and VETOED it immediately after I first voiced my choice (rhyme and it stays.) 

One last fact: Looking back, I’m glad he vetoed,sooo glad he did.


Stuck in a hot room with you… — 4 Comments

  1. trix…fix, mix, lix, pix, six, prix, brix, clix, nix, wix…I don’t get it?! oh wait…DIX or CHIX!! HAhahahaha. (see what I did there? made you think I didn’t get it…haha)
    I got sorted in with the LIONS!! Probably because of my red hair, but also because I am super awesome! That being said, you make the Snakes look good! They probably sorted you there for some sort of quota of “cool” – or to boost their GPA. lol. As mean as some of your Snakes are, they do have some awesome characters…even in their evilness. If you’re gonna go to the Dark Side, you might as well go hard! Just know, that in the end, a fiery red-head will call you names & vanquish you from the planet!!

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