Happy One Month Anniversary, you Beautiful Babies!


Get your SMILE ON! Signed, "Angry Baby"

Today is PARTY DOWN day at www.grouchymuffin.com! Why? It’s our ONE MONTH Anniversary! That’s right, it’s already been a whole month of timewasting foolery comic gems of entertainment! So put your RIUNITE on ice for later, NOT NOW, you boozehound! Get your Reba t-shirts on and meet me at the Docks! No? OK, how’s about you just keep-a-coming back to our carnival of Angry Baby horrors? It’s a deal! I’m loving this Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday already.

Thank you so much for reading this nonsense! DOUBLE THANK YOU for your submissions, comments, support, subscription and general attention to this CLAP-TRAP HOBO PARLOR!

Now, if you’ll excuse me my little demon teething ANGEL(!) is asleep and I’m going to partake in some Cookie Crisp. Coooooooookie Crisp!

 True Story: Lover fo’ Life and I went to a couple’s Halloween party one year dressed as beatniks, NO ONE at the party knew what a beatnik was. All night people were asking L4L if he was the COOKIE CRISP GUY! Who doesn’t know what a beatnik is? You know, right? If not, get thee to a google search NOW!

No Cookie Crisp? How about an EPIC MEAL TIME of an 84 egg sandwich!?

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