Tues-the-Extreme Day.

Tired to the EXTREME!

This is SUPPOSED to be Tues the Extreme Day. But it really feels like a Monday.  In the interest of full disclosure, your ol’ pal is runnin’ on fumes. Angry Baby is being a REAL SNITCH, and has been for DAYS.

So with your help, and the help of my Angry Baby Voo Doo Doll, we are going to WISH REALLY HARD that she will  sleep. Last night lil’ buttcheeks was up every 15 minutes, so she’s gotta run out of batteries at some point!

But you know, now that I think of it: I’m EMBRACING THE POSITIVE! The bright side is, I’ll be sure to crank out some pretty tweaked-out, sleep deprived comedy turds gems in this state of exhaustion. SO EVERYONE WINS(!)

Yo Vanilla, I-C-E. Hook yo gurl the Crib Keeper up with some EXTREME Jams!

The Power of the Turtle, compells you. TURTLE POWER.


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