UPDATE! Teef Terror 2011: The lion sleeps to bite.

Mommy, my gums hurt.

Angry baby is sleeping. Shhhhhh! We’ll wake her. I’ve lowered my body temperature,  heart-rate and breathing to make as little waves as possible. You know how sharks are!! They have amazing sense of electronic fields, impulses and changes in temperature gradient thanks to the miraculous Ampullae of Lorenzini! Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, I guess only shark nerds enthusiasts know that tid bit.

Anybabies, she is snoozing and while I SHOULD be snoozing too, I can’t. I’m too overjoyed to be in my house without the “sounds of sawing a baby in half” blaring at maximum decibel.

I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your tips, tricks and words of encouragement. If it’s any indicator of how wonderful, important, and awesome you are, my dear reader, let the proof be in ze pudding. I am skipping a luxurious nap in my ultra comfy bed, that DOES NOT smell like baby puke (hooray for small miracles!) just to KEEP IT EXTREME and Keep you in the TEEF TERROR 2011 latest.

Let’s keep CHOMPIN’ Through this Tues-the-Extreme day with some GREAT WHITE SHARK VIDS!!!!!


UPDATE! Teef Terror 2011: The lion sleeps to bite. — 1 Comment

  1. You know a college student was bitten (TWICE!) by a shark off of Surfside Beach on Galveston’s West End over the holiday weekend! This is how it all starts…Just like in the movies!! …

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