Your place or mine?

Start spreadin’ for views…Comedian Jim Norton is featured in an article about ladies lovin’ NYC apartments. REALLY Loving them.

At first, I thought this article was a joke from the Onion. Then I realized the NEW YORK POST is the most reliable and distinguished newspaper IN THE WORLD. It’s no scandal rag like the New York Times.

I invite you to share in a collective sigh for America, and for ladykind. To dudes who make my skin crawl in NYC, lose your faith in humanity Enjoy!


REAL TALK: I’ve made out with someone for a “core sample bite” of a snocone before. I know what you’re thinking…”But Crib Keeper, what on earth were you doing with a creep that would make you make out for snocone samplin’s!?”

I’m married to him! What can I say? I love creepy!!!


EXTREME CASE OF THE CREEPS!!!!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Let’s clarify that lil Jimmy Norton is not creepy. He is known for being a pervert. Therefore his antics and personality can’t really creep someone out!


  2. Absolutely, Jimmy is a non-creep. He’s upfront about his sluttery. It’s the fact that NYC men are getting apartments and furnishing them elaborately for some Tail…Don’t they know that’s what CARS are for!?

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