Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!!!!

Thank you.

Today, whatever you’re doing STOP and take time to THANK A VET, Soldier, or family member of a Soldier. Freedom isn’t free, and because of them we are able to say what we want and live how we please. So while your pal burns those burgers and you indulge in potato salad that is questionable at best and we KICK OFF THE SUMMER, please honor our Soldiers, past, present and future. If you or someone you love has served for our country, THANK YOU for your sacrifices.

Here’s a 20 minute NPR story, about a soldier and the unlikely support we get in our times of crisis. Take some time to listen if ya gots it. It’s a personal fave at Casa de Crib Keeper.



Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. This is such a great story, and so well done! It really makes you think about what our soldiers can go through. I’ll be passing this on for sure! Thank you.

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