Grandparents are Magic.

Grandparents Rule! (Relative not pictured.)

Television and movies often portray grandparents as daft elderly who have a penchant for baking cookies. The benefit of Grandparents, they would have you believe, is Spoiling. They give the grandkids whatever they want. It isn’t until you have a child you realize the REAL benefit, the magic.

Grandparents aren’t awesome for the kids, they are awesome for the PARENTS. Holy crap. I’m a lucky snitch, I have family that lives close, and Angry Baby sees ALL her grandparents once a week, at least. Which means, Lover fo Life and I get two breaks from the baby a week, most weeks.

Today was one of those days. Here’s a little teaser for next week’s “monday” AKA Tuesday…TOOF TERROR 2011 has RETURNED! And this time Queen La-TEEF-a is out for BLOOD.

 Angry Baby was spoiled treated to SIX WHOLE HOURS of Grandparents while WE LEFT. We had a Smashburger, went shopping and didn’t do a dang thing, until I had my hair did!! So I’m 110% relaxed, Angry Baby is asleep and I’m rocking out to MUSE in my office. Up next? a SCARY movie on ye olde DVR, it’s a cheesy new-ish movie, but it stars Ms. Virginia Madsen, of Candyman fame, so I’m down like a clown! Trying out our new air-popcorn popper, I’ll be reviewing both the movie and popcorn…In the interest of science (of course). Oh the things I do for you, my dear reader.

Here’s to Grandparents and the BREAK they can provide! Swig of my sweet tea to you!!!!!

 If you do not have the luxury of family around or willing/able to baby wrangle…YOU are my Hero. Seriously, how DO you do it? Please comment with what YOU do to get a break, and if you don’t get breaks, call me, Angry Baby could always use some socializing. 😉

UPDATE: The popcorn was baller and I decided to hit the sack 2 minutes into the movie. Until later on the movie review, but the popcorn deserved an Oscar for delicious.


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