Let your dork flag fly high and proud this fine Friday!!!!

This one's for the TRUE COOL KIDS!

Nonesense, foolery, baby puke. These are ALL things you have come to expect from your Dear, Sweet, Crib Keeper, what can I say: I’m a giver!

Today I give you the GIFT of FREEDOM!

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a little bit (or a lot o’ bit in my case) of DORK in them!!! But Crib Keeper, I’m 100% COOL! Not one shred of Dork! Nice try, cool people don’t say “100% cool,” AND the coolest thing you can do in this world is BE YOURSELF! So today isn’t about pretending you’re going to that awesome party, It’s about admitting you’re going home to watch Judge Judy, Firefly, MTV cribs, PBS! This is a CALL to ARMS! Dorks, dweebs, nerds, geeks, weirdos, nutballs, creeps, spazzes…TODAY IS FOR YOU!!!!

TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s an OLD favorite of mine!

It’s Vin Diesel talking Dungeons and Dragons!

True Story: I played Dungeons and Dragons one time to impress this SUPERHOT dude. He was soooo good lookin’ he had no RIGHT being a D & D dork. But he was. I’d like to tell you our eyes met over a set of 72 sided dice and the rest was history. But it wasn’t. Real talk: I got bored and ended up going through his CD collection and hanging out with his older sister. Sigh, young love!

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