The Greatest Love of All.



Whitney Houston sang to us when we were kids and even younger: “I believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way…”

As a self-proclaimed Vanity Smurf and jerk about town, one would assume that my greatest love would be myself. In the past, you were probably right. But there’s something motherhood does to you on a basic level. Sorry, this post isn’t that. It isn’t about the cant-even-put-into-words connection and love I have with my Lover fo’ Life. This post isn’t about my love of writing, the joy of getting a second chance at life or the beauty God provides even in our darkest hours. All of those are sterling examples of my life’s great loves. But this post isn’t about those loves.

One of my other great loves, is YOU.

My dear, generous, loving, beautiful, smart reader. The fact you are sitting reading this nonsense means the world to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my tiny, shriveled, heart! I wanted to share two wonderful messages readers sent, so you can get a look behind the curtain at this clap-trap Hobo parlor.

Message 1.

“I freakin’ LOVE your blog. It lets me get a little dose of your humor and attitude everyday, something we ALL desperately need to get through the day in my opinion ♥”

I freakin’ love YOU! Thank you! This is one of my main goals, no not adoration…I wanted to have a site that was a fun yet REAL escape from the everyday grind. I know you are working your bells off, be it at an office, outside or at home with little ones, I GET IT! Though my job essentially is to help you waste time, I try to make sure it is time well wasted.  Thanks, for the awesome feedback!

And here’s message 2.

“Your blog caused some rather weird dreams last night… All I can remember is I was back in college and I was staying the night In your room… I can’t remember the rest but I woke up at some point and thought you would get a kick out of it. Too bad I don’t remember. A toilet may have been involved. “

Is there any greater achievement in the bloggin’ community than, HAUNTING SOMEONE’S DREAMS? Me thinks not.

THE TRUTH: Stephen King’s got some super scary short stories, they give me nightmares and I think he’s the Lovecraft of our time. And the Mark Twain. Don’t come at me with that snobbish scoff, I’ll have you know I’m well-schooled in Classic Literature (6 years of concentrated study, to be exact.) So I likes what I likes. SURE I can give you the examples of feminist tones and harsh imagery in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko, but I’d rather marvel at King’s turn of phrase and voice. Stephen King haunts my dreams and if it’s good enough for him, I’m pleased to be haunting yours!

And what better way pay tribute to your beloved Crib Keeper and her pantheon of foolery, than “a toilet may have been involved.” I’m crying tears of joy this morning. Joy that can’t be FLUSHED away (crowd groans.)

Thank you one and all, thank you for reading, checking us up, submitting and writing in.


 Real Talk: I was and still am obsessed with her earrings in this video. Need them.

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